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HealthyByte Logo

HealthyBYTE is a new catering solution, offering balanced seasonal menus focused on nourishing, feel good food. Bright Young Things director Kate Stewart notes 'We want to create healthier catering options - without sacrificing any of the style, taste and fun. The whole team have been a part of this exciting project' says Kate, 'we've spent months learning, tasting, brainstorming and collaborating on how to bring our passion for food and life into a healthier arena.' They've engaged Scoop Nutrition, and leading nutritionist Emma Stirling APD*, as ongoing consultants for HealthyBYTe. The HealthyBYTe menus are designed to be a contemporary substitute for a traditional balanced meal, whilst also embracing a 'Healthy by Stealth' approach. Newly released menus include a high end Autumn canape collection as well as a 'Starting the Day Right' menu; a perfect fit for early bird meetings and breakfast networking. HealthyBYTe is also offering a consulting service, creating bespoke menus to suit an individual event or align with a government or corporate charter. Kate explains, 'We can tailor nutritionally delicious menus to your requirements and wellness goals. Anything from a post-triathlon recovery barbeque or gluten-free brunch to smart conference snacks and mindful client lunches.' Celebrating its fifth birthday, Bright Young Things has taken Melbourne's event scene by storm, adding sparkle, vivacity and love to over 2500 events. Foodies by Nature and Caterers by Trade, Bright Young Things offers diverse, seasonally inspired menus and event planning with a local, sustainable focus.

*Accredited Practising Dietitian


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And for more from HealthyBYTe consultant, Emma Stirling, accredited practising dietitian: www.scoopnutrition.com